In the last couple of years , the number of Indian population including Gujarati population in Saskatoon and surrounding areas have increased significantly. Many Gujarati families moved to Saskatoon from other provinces and from India as there was a favorable immigration policy by Saskatchewan government and employment opportunities for professionals and skilled personals. It is well known verse that” Wherever there is one Gujarati , there is a Gujarat” and it is true when it comes to Saskatoon. The community population has increased to a considerable number and many of them realized the need for setting up a community organization in a structured manner.

In April 2013 , community members officially set up a non profit organization called “GUJARATI CULTURAL SOCIETY OF SASKATOON” (GCSS) in order to fulfill the cultural and traditional needs for the community members . These organization has been set up to cater the cultural and traditional needs for youth , adults and seniors. GCSS has initiated language activity by introducing Gujarati Language School and also assist the new immigrants and help seniors.